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Salesforce is one of the most in-demand professions right now. Gigminds will train you for a lucrative Salesforce career and most importantly helps you land your first Salesforce job.

Did you know?

The average salary for a Salesforce Developer in US is $112,187. The average additional cash compensation for a Salesforce Developer in US is $7,995. The average total compensation for a Salesforce Developer in US is $120,182. 


Source: builtin.com


Virtual Instructor-led Classes

Salesforce Administrator

Learn to create applications on Salesforce and gain in depth knowledge on building business processes, reports & security. No prior Salesforce experience necessary.

Salesforce Developer

You will have a mastery of programming in Apex no matter what level of experience you are at right now. Training includes Lightning Web Components (LWC) development. 

Salesforce CPQ

Learn to utilize Salesforce CPQ in providing customer with accurate sales quotes and eliminating the inefficient processes that normally occurs during various stages of sales.

Salesforce Billing

Learn to improve the service delivery and payment experience for customers and optimize how Finance works with Sales and other teams using Salesforce Billing module.

Get Salesforce Certified

 Our instructor-led training programs are designed to cover all topics as mentioned in the Salesforce Study Guide. We will provide all necessary assistance to pass your Salesforce certification exam.

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From Retail Associate to
Salesforce Administrator.
From Barista to
Business Analyst.
From Support Engineer to
Customer Experience.
From Sales Analyst to
CPQ Specialist.
From Finance Analyst to
Billing Specialist.
  • Get Certified

    We will provide all necessary help and guidance to get you Salesforce Certified.
  • Hands-on Experience

    We provide opportunities for students to work with us on Client projects so that you get real world experience.
  • Interview Coaching

    Get 1:1 with our coach to learn interview tips and tricks. This will help you ace interviews and get higher chance of getting selected.
  • Resume Building

    We will help you build your resume so that you get more interview opportunities from multiple organizations.

We go way beyond training. Our community is always mentoring, coaching, recruiting, selecting and placing students.